Thursday, 3 May 2012

Update on the Strange Things/Objects...Whatever-they-ares!

Okay - so yesterday I talked about the strange thing I saw in a park that looked like a statue of a man made out of green plants and covered with flowers (see yesterday's post). Today, I saw a lot more of these what's-its. This one was across the street from the other and was likewise made out of green plants and covered with flowers and behind a fence. I liked the way this one was sitting on the edge of a big cement planter. He has a better hat, too!

Upon further investigation, I found yet another one! This one looks like a female version. The plants at the bottom of her skirt are a nice touch. So I took pictures of these two and went home. But later on, I went for a walk after supper and I found even more of these thingies. They are in the four courtyards of the Byward Market and there are about six of them altogether. They seem to have popped up like giant mushrooms, or Triffids....... 

 Another new sight in the Byward Market - they have placed these decorated tulip statues all over the place. There were several of them in the courtyards beside the green plant statues. This one had fishes in an aquarium scene painted on the petals.

This one was very brightly coloured in abstract patterns. These tulip statues are about four feet tall and they are all different patterns and colours.

I really liked this one because it seemed to have a folk-art feeling. So between the decorated tulips and the green plant people, it finally occurred to me that this is all in preparation for the annual Ottawa Tulip Festival - which starts this Friday and ends on May 21st. Mystery solved!


Ronna said...

You're a veritable Sherlock Holmes! Well done.

Biddy Fraser said...

These are wonderful works of art. Aren't people creative?