Thursday, 6 September 2012

More From the Scanning Project - Childhood Toys

Recently, I scanned some old photographs from (gulp) over 50 years ago, and I found several that reminded me about the toys my brother and sister and I had as children. We didn't have a lot of toys - that is, not in comparison to the toys that children have today. And the toys we had were fairly simple. For example, my brother had a wonderful collection of toy soldiers and trucks and cars - all made of metal. He would spend hours setting them up and organizing them and then putting them back in their boxes. And I would be a terrible nuisance and insist on helping him!

My older sister, Marilyn, had a toy bunny as a baby. She must have been just learning to walk when this picture was taken.

And, of course, my sister and I always had dolls. I was a fussy eater as a child and my mother was constantly trying to get me to eat. But I would rather read, or play with my doll, as I was doing when this picture was taken. Behind me is my mother with my sister Marilyn on the left and my brother Paul on the right. I would love to have this doll again, and my brother's metal toy soldiers. They would probably be collectors items now, but for me they would just bring back many, many wonderful memories.


Ronna said...

I love these old shots. I recently went thru a heap of pix for an album for my brother's 60th. My, we had simple lives back then, eh? One or two toys and we were happy!

Sarah said...

I bet those toys lasted forever, too! Some collectors are probably salivating at the photos of the metal trucks and soldiers!

Knatolee said...

Love these photos, and they brought back memories of my own. I remember having to have my doll taken to a doll hospital! Great pics, Evlyn.

Cuby said...

These photos gave me thoughts of my own. I still have my teddy named Alexander,for some reason unremembered. He is a little bald in places and rather thinne as the years have resulted in some stuffing loss! f