Monday, 10 June 2013

June is time for Irises (and other delightful flowers)

One of the best things about living in both the city and the country is when I come home to my place in the country after being in the city for a while and see how my garden has progressed (mind you, this happens in the summer only). It is usually the first thing that greets me after I park my car and walk to my front door. This past weekend, I found that the irises had started to bloom and then fallen over, I needed to stake them all up.

Irises are such amazing flowers. Their shape is so exotic - almost like a tropical flower.

I have some yellow ones in another part of the garden. These have nearly gone wild and don't seem to have problems falling over like the big purple ones.

There are also true wild irises growing by the fish pond. Peter dug these up years ago in a swamp and transplanted them to our garden. They are wild but somehow more delicate-looking than the domesticated irises.

The other flower that looked really spectacular this past weekend was the Foxglove. One of my very favourite flowers!

This solo poppy was a complete surprise to me. It was growing in a part of the yard where there is no garden - just a weedy patch. What a lovely gift! But the month of June is like that - presenting floral delights everywhere.


Ronna said...

Great flowering time!

Sarah said...

Beautiful colours! Can't wait to see for myself. :)