Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Joie de Vivre on a Patch of Ice

The simplest things can give so much pleasure, and it is nice to be reminded of that from time to time. I was taking a break at work this afternoon and looking out a window that overlooks a daycare centre playground. There were a flock of young children playing on a patch of ice. They were having so much fun zooming around, sliding on the ice, falling down, getting up again and zooming around some more. It was a delight to watch them.

A colleague of mine joined me and we both watched the kids for a few minutes. She remarked that they were like particles or atoms, bouncing off each other and careening around. I really liked the way their bright snowsuits looked so colourful against the background of snow and ice. 

The kids never stopped moving and it was entertaining just watching them wheel around and around. But duty called and I had to go back to my desk. Oh well - it was a nice break from my routine to experience this simple pleasure of watching some children play, as it was a nice break for them to experience the simple pleasure of a patch of ice. Hooray for simple pleasures!


Ronna said...

Sweet post, Evlyn. I think as adults we don't stop and smell the roses...or play on the ice!

Jenny said...

Nice to see the kids enjoying unstructured play. Ice is always fun because it gives the unexpected -WHoops, I fell! -and there's something so liberating about sliding around effortlessly.