Sunday, 8 January 2012

Patterns Against the Snow

When I am at my home in the country, I spend a lot of time looking at nature - the sky, trees, plants of all kinds, water, and in the winter, snow. Recently, I have been thinking about doing a series of drawings and paintings with snowy landscapes. I like painting snow and I love the way dark vegetation looks against the snow. Today, when I was outside taking photos, the light was beautiful with the sun filtered through some patchy thin clouds.

Everything becomes very abstract when it is looked at closely against the snow. The blue-white background makes the patterns of leaves and branches stand out, like so many intercrossed lines and curves. I wonder how hard it would be to draw this - I think one would have to be in a rather Zen state. 

This dead thistle looked like it was blowing in a strong wind, but it was perfectly still, frozen in this pose. Beautiful intricate shapes. 

In the fall, I always leave a lot of plants with seed-heads on them so the birds can eat them. These daisies have big yellow flowers in the summer. Now they make a wonderful pattern of dark lines and big round dots against the snow. Great - now I just have to start drawing!

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