Wednesday, 18 January 2012

There is Always Art to be Found

Sometimes I think that, because I have walked around the Byward Market so often, I have found all the visual interesting stuff there and there is nothing left to be found. Not true, as I discovered recently. I took a different route one day and saw this painting half buried in the snow. The red of the violin is so striking against all the grey and white. It's too bad that somebody has put a name on the hat. Oh well - there's always some vandalism in the city!

I have often tried to take an interesting photograph of this totem pole, which is in front of the Ottawa School of Art on George Street. This time I got close and looked up, which perhaps is the way totem poles should be looked at!

Speaking of looking up, I would never have seen these paintings in the windows if I hadn't been looking up at a building from across the street. They are on the second floor of this building that has a couple of restaurants on the main floor. Lots of action and colour in these paintings - people are talking, eating, having a good time. It looked so warm and cheerful on a cold winter day.

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