Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Snow Coming!

The weatherman has been predicting precipitation over the next couple of days for Southern Ontario. In the Ottawa area, we might have freezing rain and we will likely have about 10 centimetres (or more) of snow. Oh well - it is January after all. And snow is just one of those facts of winter. For instance, this is a picture of me (on the right) and a friend, sitting on a great pile of snow, many many years ago (circa 1958?) on a winter afternoon. It was probably one of those winters when people were saying things like, "the snow was so high, it reached the roof-tops". (Apparently, that is happening in Alaska this year).

I did this painting, which is now in the collection of my friend Ronna, based on another winter photograph from about the same time period as the one above. I am on the right, my sister Marilyn is in the middle and a friend is on the left. I might even be wearing the same snowsuit as above. I remember those awful snowsuits - they had felt or something inside and would get soaking wet. Does anyone else remember them? 
Enjoy the coming snow (if you are in the area) and stay safe if you are driving.


Ronna said...

I love that painting and am so lucky to have it in my collection. One of my faves!! Reminds me of growing up in Montreal with my older sister and brother and yes, the snow did go up to the roofs in those days. We used to play in the snow all day (we never seemed to get cold) and make snow forts. What fun. Now I loathe the snow because I have to shovel it and drive in it. Ahh, those were the days when all we had to do was climb up it and slide down it!

Knatolee said...

I always admire that painting when I see it on Ronna's wall.

I am looking forward to some real snow! Fingers crossed.

frannie said...

You're so right, snow is for kids! Those snowsuits were wool serge or something, the snow stuck to it and when we came in from recess at school the teachers stood at the door and brushed us off with big straw brooms.