Sunday, 19 January 2014

Unexpected Concert

It was another snowy day and I had come back to the city early. I went to the National Art Gallery and was wandering around when suddenly, I heard some lovely music. I followed the sound and entered an open area looking down onto an indoor garden. At one end of the garden, a person was playing gorgeous music on a piano while people sat or stood nearby. I settled on a bench and pulled out a small sketchpad while I was listening. It was such an unexpected treat on a nasty, wintery day.   

Sunday, 5 January 2014

After Going to the National, Everything Looks Like Art

Going to the National Art Gallery on a snowy Sunday afternoon can affect how one sees the world afterward. Everything tends to look like Art! For example, This view of a couple of people walking down a corridor looks like a mid-Twentieth Century minimalist painting - or something like that!

This endless-seeming scaffolding which surrounds the part of the National where they are making repairs - seen from inside the Gallery looking out a window - looks like some elaborate, participatory sculpture. Very post-industrial!

In the evening, walking down a snowy Ottawa side street, one can appreciate the blue and white and grey landscape, like something by an impressionist painter. Beautiful!