Sunday, 20 March 2016

Wonderful Water in the Springtime

One of the most wonderful things about the advent of spring is the sight and sound of running water after months of bitter cold during which water was frozen as snow and ice. On a warm day recently, the snow on the roof of my house really started to melt and sent this steady stream of water down a pipe to land on the thawing ground below. 

Another sign of Spring for me is when the snow and ice melt in a small farm pond down the road from my house in the country, creating this rushing waterfall. There are still icicles on the tree branches but they won't last long. The sound of the gushing water is like beautiful Spring music!

When I walk across the bridge from Ottawa to Gatineau every day, I watch the steady progress of the ice breaking up on the river below. The ice formations have been amazing, with great cracks and fissures - like something from an antarctic landscape. But water is now visible in places and there are large open patches of water, as can be seen in the distance. The transformation from ice to water at this time of year always feels like a miracle. Hooray for Spring!