Monday, 1 August 2016

Doing Tourist-y Things in Toronto

On July 23rd, my brother Paul had a significant birthday (his 70th). My sister and I went to Toronto to celebrate with him. My sister came from Winnipeg and I came from Ottawa, so it was a pretty important visit - it is rare for all 3 of us to get together. We spent several days wining and dining and wandering around the city. My brother decided he wanted to do what all the tourists do and take pictures of us at City Hall in front of the big "TORONTO" sign. So that's what we did. 

It really was a popular place. Lots of people milling about, posing and taking pictures. Paul got pictures of me and my sister, Marilyn, from many different angles. 

And of course we had to do what all tourist do and took a selfie! 

This is one of my favourites because the arches made such a great background. In the winter this is a rink and people skate around here and under the arches, which are all lit up. But the day this picture was taken it was really hot and we were enjoying the weather like all the other tourists! Silly but fun!