Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Playing With My New Camera

Alas, the camera I have been using for many years died recently. I replaced it with a newer, fancier, and more technically enhanced camera, and then set out to see what kinds of things it could do. It has a lot of bells and whistles that I haven't mastered yet, but in the couple of weeks since I bought it, I have had a lot of fun playing with it. I took this pic when I was at the Ottawa Jazz Festival at the end of June. Those sax players really cooked!

The new camera takes better close-ups than the old one. This is a picture of some Oenothera (also called Sundrops, or Evening Primrose) in my garden.

I went to Toronto to visit family shortly after getting my new camera. I took this picture of my granddaughter asleep in her stroller when we went to an ice cream parlour for a treat. She looks so completely relaxed!

This picture was taken in the National Art Gallery in Ottawa. I was a long way away from these people so tried the zoom function to take this pic. I wanted to capture their relaxed human gestures in the stark, industrial setting of the gallery. Everything around them is so abstract, except for the poster for the Chagall show (which was quite good, by the way).
I have a lot to learn about my new camera, but so far I am happy with it.