Sunday, 18 September 2011

Dunvegan Fall Festival

This weekend, I went to the Fall Festival at the Glengarry Pioneer Museum in Dunvegan Ontario. The weather was perfect for it - sunny and warm. There was a parade with lots of pipers piping. More about the parade in tomorrow's post.

Hundreds of people wandered around the grounds of the Glengarry Pioneer Museum, visiting the exhibits and participating in events. Many people wore period costumes. 

Music was played all day by different groups and performers. Lots of great foot stomping old-time music. The building behind houses the oldest bar in Ontario (at least, that's the claim they make). The bar was open and I bought myself a beer - great on a warm afternoon in the country. 

Artisans of all kinds demonstrated their crafts. I talked to this spinner, who is a member of a group that gets together regularly to spin wool and make beautiful clothing and afghans and other things. She invited me to join the group and learn how to spin. I was fascinated by the process.

Since this is a pioneer museum, there were lots of antiques on show (of course!). I really liked this display. Some great old records were playing. 

The smithy was open and the blacksmith was giving demonstrations. He invited young people to try hammering the hot metal - and gave them some instruction and a little help!

It wouldn't be a fall festival without a zucchini contest or two. These were the entries for the heaviest zucchini. My friend Bonnie won this contest. Her zucchini, on the far left, weighed in just under 12 lbs. Congratulations Bonnie!

There was also a contest for the best decorated zucchini. I liked the creature with all the toothpicks, looking like a porcupine or spiny anteater. 

And of course there were lots of animals. These sheep were waiting for the sheep-shearing demonstration. He "baahhh-ed" at me a couple of times. 

The costumes were great. This town-crier walked around the festival, ringing his bell and saying "Oyez, oyez", then making announcements for things like draws, or the parade, or whatever. 

This young woman's dress was very pretty. 

I managed to snap a very quick photo of this woman and her daughter. They looked like they had stepped out of the past, except for the plastic bag. What great costumes. What a nice day!

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Sarah said...

Great photos! I feel like I was there. Looks like a wonderful afternoon!