Monday, 19 September 2011

The Horse Parade

Yesterday, I wrote about the Fall Festival in Dunvegan Ontario. The highlight of the Festival is the Horse Parade, and here are some of the photos I took of this event. Like everyone else there, I lined up along the main street to watch and take pictures as the horses passed by. 

Some of the horses were large and some were small. Some were brown, some grey, and some were black or white or other horsey colours. There were dozens of entries in the parade and those of us with cameras were busy clicking away.

The carriages pulled by the horses came in all shapes and sizes. Some were very old - original antique buggies. Some were new like this wooden wagon. 

The horses had different personalities. This one was very spirited and seemed to be enjoying itself. Other horses were more stately when they walked. They were quite beautiful to watch.

And some were not horses at all. This conestoga wagon was quite different from the rest. 

Toward the end of the parade, there were some horses who were not pulling carriages but had riders instead. I liked the combination of the horse and the woman in period costume of this entry. Also, I noticed that horses walking along the route by this time were encountering the - ahem! - leavings of the horses who had already passed by. It was interesting to see that the horses later in the parade carefully avoided stepping in these "deposits". Probably a survival thing - I imagine it would be slippery! 

I am not a big fan of parades and I am not a "horse person". But I must admit that if one is going to watch a parade, a horse parade is the best. It was a thoroughly enjoyable event. 

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Sarah said...

I love the picture of the horse that is spirited - it is so neat to think that they enjoy parading!