Thursday, 31 March 2011

Journal Entries

For several years now, I've kept a journal in which I've drawn pictures and written about events in my life and things I've observed. I made this entry on January 17th this year. It had been a bitterly cold day - it was minus 25 C when I walked across the bridge to work in the morning. I tried to show what it felt like.  

This entry was made when I was quite sick, on February 12th this year. I was miserable and had come back early to my apartment in the city from my home in the country. Very cartoon-y, but that's about how I felt.

I made this entry on February 28th. I had had my french oral exam that morning and I was so anxious afterward because I was convinced I hadn't passed. So I distracted myself by drawing. It just happened that my hand was the most available subject. Fun to use colour for a change. (By the way, I did pass my exam.)  

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Ronna said...

I absolutely love your journal entries. Keep 'em coming!!