Wednesday, 30 March 2011

On My Walk Home

When I left work today, I saw this toy doggy abandoned, along with the bag he was sitting in and the coat. There was no one around and no one in sight. I wondered who could have left him there? I hope someone came back and got him! 

Then I left the building where I work and discovered it was a beautiful day. This is the bridge I cross every day. I love the shadows on the wooden walkway and all the lines converging on the horizon.

Someone left this very bright scarf hanging on the chain that closes off this stairway. Maybe it was a defiant gesture?

Close to my apartment, there is a New Age store that sells crystals and meditation stuff. These wild "goddess" statues were in the window.

This is one of my favourite children's toy stores, called Nest Toys. They sell handcrafted wooden toys that are beautifully made. Such a colourful little tableau in the window!


Ronna said...

Nice walk! Love the bridge shadows.

frannie said...

Welcome to Blogland, Evlyn. Blogger is having a problem with picture uploads; I can't post images at the moment and I think some of yours might be missing . Nice and appropriate title you have for your blog.