Monday, 3 October 2011

More of Peter's Sculpture

As I was going through old photographs recently, I made a wonderful discovery and found some more photos of Peter's sculpture. He made this piece as part of a series of smaller works that allowed him to experiment with ideas. He had become very interested in pull-toys and things on wheels at this period in his career. This is really a maquette for a larger piece he was planning, but is a truly striking sculpture on its own.  

This is another piece in the same series. These sculptures are made of copper, bronze and steel. 

This piece is a little different. It combined an older bronze piece with some of his newer work. But it has some of the same playfulness as the other sculptures. I love this photo because the sculpture looks so beautiful in the window.


Ronna said...

Always loved Peter's work! Thanks for posting. I'm so happy Dad bought the one he did...

Knatolee said...

Lovely, lovely.