Thursday, 13 September 2012

September Shadows

September has arrived, the days are shorter and summer is on the decline. I have noticed that the light is softer than it was in the hot summer months and the shadows seem to be longer in the mornings and evenings. I had fun taking this picture of my own shadow on a crisp September morning.

The shadows cast by this fence on the bridge I cross every day make an artsy patterned pathway on the ground.

I was standing at a street corner, waiting for the traffic light to change, when I took this picture of the shadow of a stranger near me. I like the way the shadows break up the space into an abstract design.

This is my own shadow again, but this time I took the photo late in the evening when I was walking through a well-lit courtyard in downtown Ottawa. My head and arm are projected on the wall while my legs and body are on the ground. It was a beautiful September evening, perfect for walking around and enjoying the sights and sounds of the last of the warm weather before the cooler fall days arrive.


Knatolee said...

Love these, YOu can sure tell that summer's ending!

Sarah said...

There is something spooky about shadow pictures - you know what is present without being able to see it!