Thursday, 6 December 2012

Holiday Tree at the National Gallery of Canada

Today, the National Gallery of Canada had a tree lighting ceremony. Hundreds of people gathered to watch this event. The tree was huge and had thousands of decorations and lights. At exactly 6:30 p.m., there was a countdown and everyone cheered when the lights came on. It was like a big party.

I had ample opportunity for people-watching. There were many children and I really enjoyed watching this little girl, who was having a good time just dancing around in circles all by herself. (Unfortunately, the picture is very blurry, but the lighting was not good in the hall.)

Meanwhile, these two young women were sitting on the floor, sketching. My guess is that they were art students.

I was playing with my camera, trying to get some decent pictures despite the terrible light, and somehow or other, I managed to get this weird effect. I rather like it - it looks like a black and white photo even though it is in colour.


Jenny said...

Giant Christmas trees are wonderful.
Very cool photo of the walkway .

Knatolee said...

That tree is amazing, and I love that last photo. Very cool shot of the gallery walkway.