Tuesday, 1 January 2013

A Cold Beginning to the New Year

Happy New Year to everyone!
In Eastern Ontario, we had a very cold beginning to 2013, with temperatures around -15 celsius. The view out the window of my home in the country was fringed by these amazing long icicles.

The little sculpture that Peter made of our cat - Titi - was nearly buried in the snow (the steel pole is about 3 ft tall so you can see how deep the snow is). The image really stands out against the whiteness.

I dug a path out to my studio at the back of my property. The wind was blowing and it was unpleasantly cold. When I saw these dead grasses blowing in the wind, I felt like some arctic explorer, trekking across the vast wastes, or like I was walking through a scene in Dr. Zhivago. But I love the blue shadows on the snow. Bleak but beautiful!

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Sarah said...

How did you take these photos without freezing your hands??