Wednesday, 19 June 2013

A few (very few) pics from my short stay in Quebec City

At the beginning of this week, I was in Quebec City on a business trip. I was hoping to go out during my lunch hours and breaks and take some photographs since Quebec is such an amazing city. Alas, everything conspired against me. The weather was not great - cold and rainy. Also, I developed a wretched cold and felt too sick to go out much. However, the weather did clear up on my last day there and I managed to take a couple of pictures of this beautiful arched gate, which was just down the street from the hotel where I was staying.

The gate was part of the old fortifications of Quebec and there was a park on the other side along the historic walls. I really like this picture of a wooden soldier (sort of like a life-size Christmas nutcracker) as this girl walked past, texting on her cell phone. The old and the new side-by-side.

Quebec is a very hilly city and there are staircases and other neat places to climb. I wished I could have climbed up to the top of the wall here, but it was time to go back and anyways, I wasn't sure I could manage it while coughing and blowing my nose. Oh well - I will just have to go back someday (and make sure not to get sick!).

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Sarah said...

You will definitely have to go back! Now that you've had a taste of it, you'll have even more reason to go explore in a more leisurely fashion! :)