Thursday, 4 September 2014

Another Installation in the Park

On the last Saturday of August, the intrepid members of FEH (Fran-Evlyn-Holly) set off into the Park to create another "found materials" installation. This was the 3rd installation we have set up. The first one was an assemblage of various things we found on site - I blogged about it earlier this summer. The second involved making a woven sculpture using branches, grasses and vines. For the third one, we decided to do something quite different.

Our intention was to make garlands using vines and other plants. We found a great spot for this, then Holly and Fran and I began collecting things we could use. We kept finding more and more interesting plants and got excited whenever we saw something that we thought would look great in our creations.

We collected rushes and goldenrod and asters and a beautiful flower which I think is called Joe Pye Weed.

Fran began assembling her garland using this rock as a table.

We approached the making of our garlands in different ways. Holly made a wreath. It was fun to see the variations in the way we created our works.

I used a really long thick piece of vine and wound many plants and rushes around it. Holly helped me hang it between some branches on a couple of trees near the path.

Fran attached her garland to one end of mine and looped it to another tree branch. We continued to add more plants and wove more flowers into them.

The finished garlands were fabulous. I had to have my picture taken, standing behind my creation. I think we were channelling our inner Druids this day!

Holly decided she wanted to float her wreath on the water. There was a pond near the path and that's where she launched it. It looked so beautiful among the water plants. What a terrific day - we were very pleased with our creations.


Ronna said...

So innovative. So creative. So fun. You're not only channeling your inner Druid, you're channeling your inner former ATCer! Well done.

Jenny said...

What fun! If a passerby were to chance on your creations, they might think the fairies had been at work.

Sarah said...

So magical to use natural materials - they will gradually return to the earth!