Thursday, 26 February 2015

A Bit of Fun Saying Goodbye to February 2015

Like many - probably most - people in the Ottawa area, I will be so, so, so happy to see an end to the month of February. It was one of the coldest, most awful Februaries I remember, and it has made life miserable for a lot of people. To celebrate the fact that this horrible month is ending in 2 days, I got together with some colleagues of mine at work today and we made a poster to allow everyone to say goodbye to February.

My co-worker Heather and I drew nasty old man February on a couple of big pieces of paper and hung it on a wall in the hallway where lots of people could see it. Then other people wrote their comments to say goodbye. This is my colleague Aakelah giving her thoughts on what a yucky month it was.

Heather drew a really ugly face and I coloured his eyes and we had a lot of fun. Heather wrote down that the average daily temperature in February was -16.3 degrees C in Ottawa.

It was a hit with people in our office. They all felt better after venting their feelings about how awful the month had been. I drew the word February with icicles hanging off the letters. Somebody wrote "Die, February, Die!" underneath.
So - Goodbye February 2015, and good riddance. Hope we never see such a horrible month like this, ever again!

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Ahab said...

February hasn't been kind to those of us in the U.S. either. I long to be rid of ice, snow, and single-digit lows. Let's hope that spring gets here soon!