Monday, 25 May 2015

Garden Sculpture Show 2015 - Philippa's Garden at the Skelly Gallery

This past Sunday, May 24th 2015, was the vernissage of the 3rd Garden Sculpture Show at Philippa's Garden at the Skelly Gallery in St. Eugene, Ontario. It was a perfect day for wandering through the garden and looking at the many wonderful sculptures in the show. At the heart of the garden is the Homage by my late husband, Peter MacElwain. It has been a favourite for people going to this annual event for the past three years.

This fun piece, which is set up near the Gallery, is by a sculptor named John McCabe. Great use of materials.

There were several sculptures that hung from trees, like this bright and whimsical piece by Susan Jephcott.

Dody Dines showed her beautiful tile pots, with lots of plants and vegetation - perfect for a spring day in the garden.

This is one of my favourite pieces, by Lis Skelly. It was tucked away among some trees and seemed to be looking out shyly.

This piece, by Nik Schnell (who runs the gallery and sculpture garden), was also tucked away among some trees. It is a very intriguing piece and viewers can see themselves reflected in the mirror that makes the "face" of the sculpture.  

Further along in the garden, there were 6 pieces by Bernard Gauthier. Some of them were positive cut-outs, like this.....

.....and some of them were negative cut-outs, like this.

My friend, David, had some fun with one of the negative cut-outs....

.....while Holly had fun with one of the positive cut-outs. Wonderfully silly!

Two artists, Adele Reeves and Lisa Livingston, made this fabulous curtain of hundreds of fabric shapes that hung from some trees on the path through the garden. It was magical walking through the gap in the middle.

This is another piece by John McCabe. Love all the colour.

These fun pieces by Kathryn Harvey can be turned around, so one can see the faces.

For me, the most important piece in the show is this apple sculpture, White Cortland, by Peter MacElwain. This was very recently restored and it was exciting to show it again after many, many years. I was so very happy that people were enjoying it in its full glory.
Great show - wonderful day!

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Ronna said...

Thanks for sharing your photos of the show. I missed the opening but hope to get there this summer. Looks fantastic and so imaginative. Love "White Cortland."