Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Doing Selfies - My Way!

I keep a small sketch pad on the coffee table beside the couch where I curl up in the evening. From time to time, I draw in this sketchbook - all sorts of things - ideas, things I have seen, flowers, whatever. And, since there is a mirror nearby, sometimes I end up just sketching myself, doing quick "selfies". They are not like the selfies that people take with their cameras and cell phones - these are quick doodles using whatever drawing tools I have at hand. For example, this super quick selfie was done with black marker. 

This selfie was done with coloured markers but, as you can see, I was wearing a black sweater at the time. These sketches are not intended to be finished drawings but they are fun in the evening when I don't want to do anything too serious.  

This selfie was a real experiment. I had bought some watercolour markers so I tried them out. I drew with the markers and then used a wet brush to get a watercolour effect. 

This selfie was also an experiment. I had some oil pastels that looked like crayons and wanted to try them out. One of the fun things about drawing your selfies instead of using a camera is that you can make yourself look any way you like. I don't have yellow hair but I felt like being a blond the evening I drew this. Why not!

Back to coloured markers. This was a very fast sketch and I would have fiddled around with it more, but it was getting late and I had to get to bed. 
I never set out to do a bunch of selfies but it just turned out that I was the handiest subject some evenings when I felt like doodling. But when I went through my sketchbook recently and realized I had a bunch of them, I thought "What fun! I have been doing selfies - my way!"


Ronna said...

I love your selfies. A lot more charming than the ones taken with an iPhone for sure!

Sarah said...

These are great! There is so much more personality in a self-portrait sketch than in a selfie. :)