Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Fun With Shadows

One of my favourite parts of the day is my morning walk to work. The fact that I'm going to work is not so great, but the walk itself is a pleasure, especially on a morning like this one when the sun was shining brightly (such a relief after all the overcast weather we've had) and the air was crisp and clear. As I was walking across the Alexandria Bridge, I decided to take a picture of my shadow. Just as I pressed the button, some guy passed by me, so I got his shadow in the picture too. 

Further along on my walk to work, I passed by some buildings and saw these rather abandoned-looking steps. I liked the ripple effect of the shadows on the steps.

There is a building I pass by every morning that has some sort of privacy film on the windows so people outside (like me) can't see in. It is quite reflective and I can see myself in the window as I am rushing along toward work. The sun was so bright this morning that it was like a mirror and I could take a picture of myself in the window. Not a shadow, but certainly an effect from the sunlight. 

When I left work this evening, the sun was waning but still quite bright and I was able to take this picture of my shadow on a courtyard outside the office complex. 

The sun was getting ready to set and the shadows were getting very soft by the time I walked past the Museum of Civilization. I liked the effect of my shadow against the red-orange grasses in the gardens outside the museum. Just as I took the picture, somebody whizzed past behind me on a bicycle. 

Going back across the bridge in the opposite direction from this morning, the shadows were now in a different direction too. The sun set shortly after I took this picture and it was time to hurry home, my fun with shadows done for the day.


Ronna said...

This is the most fun ever! I just love this post and the shadows on the bridge going to and from work. Very clever!! And fun. Thanks!

Sarah said...

I love how your legs look like stilts! The bicycle shadow is great, too!

Knatolee said...

So many shadows! You could make a art project out of this. well, I guess you already did with your camera. :)