Monday, 31 October 2011

Hallowe'en At Work

Every year on Hallowe'en at my work, a lot of people decide to have fun and get into the spirit (the spooky spirit, that is) of the day. And every year, I join in by putting on my witch's hat and feather boa. 

One of my colleagues, Laura, wore this fabulous naughty mask and tiara today. She looks like she is contemplating putting a nasty spell on somebody (one of the managers, maybe?).

Since we do a lot of work on labour issues, one of the teams at work decided to wear costumes to portray occupations. There was a nurse and a doctor and a fur trapper (I kid you not) - but I thought this costume was the best. Doesn't she look great?

Here is another of my colleagues, Yves. He has very, very short hair. So I thought this was hilarious.  

At one point during the day, I saw these three people walking down the hall. I asked them to pose and they did. Very cool!

When I went downstairs to get a coffee, I noticed this witch counting her change. Great hair!

At noon, when I went to the food court, I saw many people wearing costumes walking around. This guy was just striding along, but I managed to take a quick shot of him.

This cat and angel were checking out some clothes in a store. 

In one part of the Place du Centre, a stage had been set up with three coffins and a scary man who jumped out and yelled to startle people. People in costume were getting their pictures taken on the stage. This is one of the best photos I took - the guy is having such a good time. 

After work I went home, it got dark and I went for a walk in my neighbourhood. There were a few children accompanied by their parents going trick-or-treating. And of course there were jack-o-lanterns. I liked this really traditional one. Time to say good-bye to Hallowe'en for another year.


Ronna said...

No one at my office dressed up and it was rather un-Halloweenish all round. No candy either.
But...I LOVED you with your witch hat and feather boa. Just too too!!

Sarah said...

Great photos!! I absolutely love your witchy getup!

frannie said...

It would appear that many people in our national capital have a sense of fun, despite our national government.

Knatolee said...

These are great. I love Hallowe'en! My fav is the Pan Am stewardess.