Monday, 17 October 2011

Mannequins Modelling Hallowe'en Hats and Horrors

This mannequin is in the window of an upscale boutique in the Byward Market where they usually display pricey trendy clothes. I guess the store owners wanted to get in the spooky spirit of things and so put a black dress and witch's hat on her. I actually liked this outfit better than the ones they usually show!

This rather somber-looking mannequin is just standing in the middle of the cosmetic section of a pharmacy wearing a pirate's outfit. At least, I think it is a pirate's outfit... Very strange!

But this one is even stranger - downright creepy as a matter of fact. She looks like she was partly decapitated and is waiting for someone to finish the job. A real Hallowe'en horror!

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Sarah said...

I agree - that last mannequin is the scariest!!