Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Some Artsy Photography!

These photographs are another great find from my ongoing search through boxes and envelopes of old pictures for my scanning project. They were taken about 15 years ago by Peter in a studio space I used to have. The model, Brenda, is a truly wonderful artist. At this time, she had organized a drawing group to come to my studio once a month and she would model for us, with poses based on different themes. The group had great fun with this theme, which involved Brenda posing as an angel. Love the wings and toga!

I really like this photograph because of the light and dark and the figure in silhouette. I remember that this was a very productive period for me and the other people in the drawing group. We produced many, many drawings and some were quite good. Great photographs! Great memories!

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Ronna said...

Love these photos of Brenda! I remember some of the drawings from this time. Lovely.