Tuesday, 11 October 2011

A Visit to the Playground

This past Thanksgiving weekend, I was in Toronto visiting family. On Saturday, I went with my son Brian and my two grandchildren Max and Charlie to a playground to burn off some energy climbing, running, jumping, swinging, and anything else amusing to a 4-year-old and a 2-year-old.

Here is Max climbing on some of the playground equipment. Brian referred to the blue climbing grips as "pig noses" and Max liked that idea. I must admit - they do look sort-of like pig snouts! 

Max wanted me to climb up some of the equipment so I did, and took this photo of him coming up after me. 

Then he came down this slide many, many, many times. I set myself the challenge of trying to shoot a picture just as he was halfway down. It turned out to be very difficult and I got lots of pictures of him at the top or at the bottom, but this was the only successful one of him in the middle. Luckily, he was obliging and kept sliding down as I tried.

Meanwhile, Charlie was happily swinging on this toddler swing. 

Part of the playground equipment included this "General Store", so Max and Charlie decided to set up shop. Brian and I ordered various things from them, like dinosaur burgers and rhinoceros milk. 

Then it was late. Time to shut up shop and go home - tired after a good day's work, running, jumping, sliding, swinging, and playing store.


Knatolee said...

Lovely grandchildren and it looks like you all had a lot of fun!

Nathan Lee said...

very cute kids, playground looks fun :)