Sunday, 4 December 2011

The Gift of a Warm Beginning to December - Time in My Studio

This past weekend was the first weekend in December, but it sure didn't feel like it. The weather was relatively warm for this time of year, for which I was extremely grateful because it allowed me to spend some time in my unheated studio. All the leaves have fallen off the trees so my view of the world outside was wide open. Lovely for looking, thinking and scribbling. 

My friend Barb Glenn gave me this beautiful set of chalk pastels last year. They were given to her by someone who couldn't use them and she wanted to pass them on to someone who liked to work in pastel, so she thought of me. I was thrilled to pieces to get this set. The colours are marvelous. (A million thank-yous, Barb).  

As part of my recent efforts to just scribble a lot and loosen up, I began to lay down some colours and played with all the beautiful blues and greens and pinks. I love soft pastel because one can get such dramatic results and build up areas very quickly.   

Chalk pastel is great fun for still life drawing as well. I have been buying a lot of pears and apples lately, mostly so I can draw them. 

This is a sketch I began several months ago and never finished. I wanted to get back into it today but ran out of time - it gets dark so early these days. Oh well! Maybe we will have a mild winter and I will be given the gift of more time to work in my studio. 


Knatolee said...

Beautiful work, Evlyn!
And no, it certainly doesn't feel like December. :)

Ronna said...