Thursday, 15 December 2011

Great Music at Lunch Time

One thing I like about the complex of buildings where I work (Place du Portage in Gatineau Quebec) is that I can go for a walk at lunch time even when it is raining outside, as it was today. I walk around inside the shopping centre downstairs, and see if anything interesting is going on. Today, I heard some great music as I was walking along and had to go see what was happening. It was traditional French Canadian music being performed by a man playing guitar and a woman playing violin. They were playing really, really good stuff.

The group is called Chakidor, and is made up of guitarist, André Varin and violinist Valérie Pichon. I was really impressed by them both, but especially by the violinist. She could really let it rip with her violin. They had these great posters with life-size portraits of themselves and the name of the group on top. 

There was a large crowd of people, listening to the music and stomping their feet and practically dancing along. It was so much better than sitting around eating soup and a sandwich!

Everyone was having fun, including the musicians. I wanted to buy one of their CDs (which were being sold nearby), but the line-up was too long. I did look up their website later and I also saw a YouTube video of a performance they did at a festival in Taiwan. Cool! What a great lunch-time treat!

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Sarah said...

You're so lucky - what a fantastic benefit! Looks like great fun.