Sunday, 26 February 2012

Snowstorm Aftermath

Winter came back on Friday with the arrival of a big dump of snow and I was unable to drive to my home in the country until Saturday. When I got there, I found a lot of post-snowstorm cleaning up was needed. For example, the steps to my front door were buried somewhere under the snow. 

But I had my trusty blue shovel ready......

....and after about 20 minutes, the steps were passable again. 

The storm left its mark everywhere. I saw this sign at an intersection and thought, it's a good thing everyone knows what it says just by looking at the shape. Sometimes words are not necessary and people understand just from visual cues. Hooray for the power of symbols!


Sarah said...

Great post! I always find it so strange when snow covers things - sideways! You are right about the power of symbols.

Knatolee said...

To think I missed it all!