Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Moving Through Fall

This part of the Autumn is wonderful and no matter how you move through it - whether driving in a car, bicycling or walking - you have amazing vistas of intense colour displayed all around you. This picture was taken while driving along the highway somewhere west of Perth, Ontario. The drive was such a pleasure because the reds and yellows of the trees provided a visual treat around every corner.

Parts of the highway go through the rocky Canadian shield, and the colours are even better there.

Then there are the pleasures of walking. This patch of staghorn sumac and various trees is on a hillside near the Ottawa River, where I walk every day going back and forth from work in Hull.

Major's Hill Park in Ottawa has some pretty areas with mature trees and pathways. I took a picture just as a man walked in front of a bright orange tree in the distance.


Ronna said...

GREAT shots!

Jenny said...

All wonderful pictures but no.3 is an incredible feast for the eyes. Love the contrast of the person in front of the yellow tree in no.4.

Sarah said...

Those driving shots make me nervous!! Beautiful shots, great colours. That's the best part of Autumn!