Monday, 5 November 2012

The Changing of the Light

After Sunday, when daylight saving time ended and we moved our clocks back an hour, I experienced a phenomenon that happens every year at this time - namely, the shifting of when it is light and dark. Last week, when my alarm rang and I got up, it was dark. This morning, when I got up, the sun was rising and it was light.

These shadows cast by the morning sunrise were delightful and it was a pleasure to get dressed and eat breakfast without needing to turn on the lights as I had to do last week.

However, the reverse happened in the late afternoon. Last week, when I was walking home after work, it was still light out. Today when I left work, the sun had already set and it was quickly getting dark.  

By the time I had reached the Byward Market area near my apartment, it was pitch black and all the storefronts and restaurants had their lights on - unlike last week when there was still an hour's light to enjoy. Oh well - the changing of the light is just one of those things that mark the changing of the seasons, which is always fascinating to watch.

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