Sunday, 16 December 2012

Carollers in the ByWard Market

We had another nasty storm in Eastern Ontario this Sunday, with snow first and then freezing rain on top of that. I wasn't happy because I had to come back to Ottawa a day early to avoid driving in the bad weather. To make the best of things, I went for a walk through the ByWard Market. Suddenly I heard Christmas carols and, when I turned a corner, there was a group of singers, standing in the cold and the blowing snow-mixed-with-ice-pellets, giving shoppers a bit of Christmas cheer. They were so brave - it really wasn't a nice day to stand outside and sing - and their songs really did cheer me up. Several other passers-by also stopped to listen. God rest ye merry gentlemen (and gentlewomen, too)!

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Jenny said...

Hard not to smile when there are carols in the air.