Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Face in the Snow and Foggy Day

I saw this amazing face in the snow on a concrete wall today, as I walked to work. It was formed by the snow melting and sagging down in ways that made eyes and a mouth appear. There were other places along this concrete wall where the snow had melted to almost look like faces, but  this one was the clearest.

It was a really foggy morning because of the change in weather. The air was warming up but the ground was cold. As I walked toward the bridge, I felt like I was entering a strange space that disappeared in the distance.

People on the bridge were melting into the fog ahead.

When I turned around and looked back, I could see the Parliament Buildings emerging from the fog as the sun began to rise. What a beautiful, but eerie, morning.


Jenny said...

What a surprising face! Adds to the strange eerie effect of the foggy morning.

Helen Killeen Bauch McHargue said...

Evlyn...I'm loving your blog and feeling like I've gotten to know you so much better through reading it. You have such a lovely eye..the photos are just a joy to look through. I particularly like your shot of the shadowy, foggy city.
You have a new follower and fan. Cousin Helen

Sarah said...

Oooh - that face is spooky! It looks like it was shaped by human hands, it's so clear. I love your fog photos - fog is so odd to walk through.

Grumpy Penguin said...

I think the face looks like a demented garden gnome. I loved it! The fog pics are fantastic—living on the 20th floor we are often (as we are right now) submerged in a thick fog bank and I stare into it from my chair in the computer room (for inspiration, as a matter of fact).

And I love the pic of the Parliament buildings. :)