Tuesday, 26 February 2013

The Beginning of the End of Winter

This past week, the temperatures in Eastern Ontario have gone up above freezing for several days in a row and we haven't had any significant snowfalls. It is starting to feel like the beginning of the end of winter. Although there are still snowbanks along the sides of roads and sidewalks, they are melting fast and leaving puddles everywhere. People are able to go out running again.

This little girl and her brother were skating for what may be one of the last times it is possible to do so this winter.

A bicycle was emerging from this melting snowbank. I wonder how long it has been buried and abandoned there.

But winter is not completely over yet and we are supposed to have a big snowstorm tomorrow. This evening, the moon looked very hazy, like a warning of the pending storm. Oh well - it may be Old Man Winter's last kick at the can. We can only hope!


Ronna said...

Great photos.

City Mouse said...

Love your stories. I was in Ottawa several years ago in April, and the snow on the sidewalks was about 2 feet high.