Monday, 4 March 2013

At the NDP Fundraiser

Last Saturday, I went to a fundraiser for the New Democratic Party in Hawkesbury, Ontario. We had a spagetti lunch and my friend David Kelleher played music and there was a silent auction, with lots of fun items that people donated. My friends Mac and Brenda were there and Mac even brought his fabulous carrot cake for dessert. This is a photo of Mac wearing a Home Hardware hat that was donated to the silent auction table. My bid on this hat was the final one so I won it - then I gave it to Mac (who really wanted it) as a belated birthday present. Doesn't he look happy?

These bobble-headed Jack Layton dolls were fabulous - I just had to have one. Jack Layton, who was leader of the NDP until he died in 2011, is one of my heros.

I also got a cloth bag, t-shirt and fridge magnet with these wonderful words from Jack Layton's last letter to Canadians, written just before he died. I think that even people who do not agree with his political views would find this statement very compelling. I will wear this shirt with pride.

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Sarah said...

Great photos!! You're right, Mac looks delighted with his hat. :)