Monday, 12 May 2014

Visiting a Mayan Village

Back in mid-March, I went on a trip to the Mayan peninsula of Mexico. I posted some pictures from my trip in an earlier post, so I thought I would show more photos from this wonderful trip. These were taken when my sister and I went on a guided visit to a Mayan village. This is one of the homes we visited. It was very simple - only a few rooms inside and no electricity or running water.

We were welcomed to the village by this man - who was the head, or chief - and his wife. We were told how many children they had and it was a very large number - more than a dozen (I have forgotten now). I guess no birth control.

The Mayan are not a very tall people. In this picture they are standing beside our guide, who was himself not a tall man - about as tall as I am.

The village comprised about a dozen houses, all made of wood with thatch roofs. We did not visit them all but we walked around the village and looked at how it was laid out. It was much like any small village anywhere.

We were invited inside this home and our guide talked to these two women, who were cooking food. No stove - just a charcoal fire. They invited us to eat with them but our guide explained that we had already had lunch earlier.

Outside the house there were a number of beautifully-coloured birds in cages, including this one. There was also a pet monkey but he was too fast for me and I couldn't get a good picture of him. 

When we left the village, these children came to say goodbye. Aren't they beautiful?

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Sarah said...

What lovely photos - they must live a hard life, but they look fairly happy. :)