Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Opening Day at the Sculpture Garden

Last Sunday, May 25, I went to the opening of the Second Annual Sculpture Garden exhibit at the Skelly Gallery in St. Eugene, Ontario. One of the first works of art I saw was this fabulous snake by my friend Holly Kelleher. It was wound around a tree a looked very biblical.

The face was great - lots of personality. Holly made him using recycled plastic bags and chicken wire. Isn't he wonderful?

Next, I saw a totem pole. This piece was begun by an artist named Joann Brown who, unfortunately, died several years ago. The sculpture was completed by another artist, my friend Lis Skelly. It is a lovely story and a beautiful piece.

Up the hill from the totem, this beautiful sculpture by my deceased husband, Peter MacElwain, sits in a great spot, practically right in the middle of the sculpture garden. The piece is called "Homage". I took a picture of my friend, artist and fellow-blogger Ronna sitting on the Homage.

Following the path, one comes across this fun piece by Susan Jephcott among the trees.

Here is the other side of Susan's piece.

At the farthest point in the walk around the sculpture garden, this celestial piece, by Philippa Lesniak, is perched high up on a very tall tree trunk.

On the walk back, I discovered two wonderful little sculptures hanging in a tree. This was one of them......

...and this is the other. They were made by 2 artists called Two Barn Owls. I loved these pieces - they were so whimsical.

This piece by Adele Reeves is especially interesting because the heads turn on the poles and can be rearranged to face in different ways. Also, there are holes in the top with those peephole things that are put in apartment doors so one can see who is at the door (they probably have a name but I don't know what it is). So you can look through the peepholes in the heads and view the other sculptures in the garden.

Almost at the end of my walk, I enjoyed this beautiful tile water-fountain fish by my friend, Dody Dines.

This piece hangs on the outside wall of the Skelly Gallery. Isn't it great?

The Sculpture Garden is really worth a visit and will run all spring and summer until Friday, October 31st 2014. 

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Anonymous said...

I am a very old friend of Lis Skelly and I lost track of her in the late 70's and would love to connect with her again. I am now an artist living on Vancouver Island. Thanks for the lovely tour of the Sculpture Garden.
Susan Feilders