Monday, 4 May 2015

Spring Rituals

Every year about this time, after all the snow is gone and the lovely warm weather returns, I engage in certain spring rituals. The first ritual involves dragging out my ancient geriatric lawnmower and wondering, "Will the poor old thing still work? Or will this be the year it refuses to go, and I have to say goodbye and get a new lawnmower?" So I pulled it out last Saturday, filled it up with fuel, and gave its starting cord a couple of yanks. Lo and behold, it coughed into life!!! Amazing! This lawnmower is now about 23 years old and I can't believe that it still works!

I was thinking of calling this post "Something Old, Something New". The lawnmower is really old, but I got some brand new duckies to wear when I pushed her around the yard and worked in the garden. Aren't they great?

Another spring ritual is, of course, cleaning up my garden and appreciating the emerging flowers. After the horribly cold January, February and March we had here in Eastern Ontario, these crocuses, my first flowers, are even more welcome than usual.  

And, about this time of year, the garden centres open and one of my spring rituals is getting tempted by all kinds of beautiful plants. I passed a garden centre when I was shopping on Saturday and told myself to behave, not go in and buy anything yet. But I couldn't resist these gorgeous red Dianthus. Thank goodness for warm, sunny days and gardening and old lawnmowers that still work! 


Jenny said...

Ah yes, trying to reign in the plant shopping... Your lawnmower looks a lot like ours - very old and green, but still functional.

Sarah said...

Nice new shoes!! Very cool.