Thursday, 22 December 2011

Happy Winter Solstice

Today is the first day of Winter and the shortest day of the year, but in some ways it is also one of the most hopeful because from now on the days get longer. So Happy Winter Solstice everyone! This photo was taken when I was at my home in the country today and you can see that the sun didn't get very high in the sky even though it was the middle of the day. 

This winter is turning out to be very atypical, weather-wise. It has been quite warm for December and the Ottawa River is showing no signs of freezing over. I took this picture of the river today - it looks like it would in November or October, not the first day of winter. It was quite beautiful with waves rippling gently on its blue-grey surface. If I had had a boat, I could have gone for a ride!

The problem with this kind of weather is that we can have nasty storms, like the freezing rain storm we had yesterday. The roads and sidewalks in Ottawa were treacherous with a coating of ice - very difficult to drive or walk on.

So it doesn't feel very Christmas-y, because there is no snow and it isn't cold. But some people are not deterred by the lack of appropriate weather for the season. Like these people who have plastered their house with lights and decorations. It is so "over-the-top" - I love it. The whole mess is so wonderfully tacky. 

There is some sort of giant blow-up Grinch in a Santa outfit on the porch. And there is a toy stuffed reindeer dangling from the porch roof. 

The front yard is a garden of lit-up candy canes. 

But my favourite decoration in the confused mess is this wonderful flat cut-out wooden Santa. It is so retro in the midst of the more recent vintage decorations - more like something from my childhood. 
Season's greetings, everyone. Hope you have fun, whatever you do. And rejoice - the light is returning!


Jennifer Pearson Vanier said...

Love the cloud shot! The lights at night are always a cheerful part of Christmas. Wishing you a merry holiday.

frannie said...

That first photo is more magical than the frenzied light-show on the following ones but they ARE a statement in their own tacky way.

Knatolee said...

Such pretty pictures! But the weather is totally whacky, Our whole laneway was ice yesterday. i'm glad we got a little snow for traction.