Thursday, 8 December 2011

My Office Christmas Party

The group of people I work with had a Christmas party today at a wonderful place called Les Brasseur du Temps in Gatineau, Quebec. The Brasseur du Temps is a micro-brewery, a restaurant, and there is also a museum that shows the history of beer-making in the region. The building is historic - built in 1910 - but has recently been completely remodeled.   

On entering the building, one sees this life-size cardboard (or wood, probably) greeter, showing you the specials on a chalkboard.

My group's party was downstairs in a special function room. To get there, we descended a long winding ramp that leads to the museum area, with lots of interesting plaques and paintings on the walls. 

This is one of the decorations along this corridor. I love these old views of an earlier time. 

Another part of the museum area has glass display cases with brewing materials of various kinds. 

People stopped to read the plaques and view the display cases as they walked through the museum area. 

However, we were there to party. So we got to the function room and ordered up pitchers of the Brasseur's beer. 

The back of the Brasseur looks out on the Ruisseau de la Brasserie (Brewery Creek). The function room had an outdoor patio area which was shut down for the winter. But I thought the view was wonderful. There were even ducks swimming on the creek. 

Back at the party, we were trying the Brasseur's many types of beer (they brew 8 to 12 different beers). I was sharing a pitcher of "Et la lumière fut!" with several other people. We also ordered this wonderful plate of natchos. Yum! 

In addition to food and drink and conversation, we played a goofy game. Here is the prize I won, held by a colleague of mine. Isn't it silly?

The party ended and I walked back up through the museum corridor on my way to the exit. I had to stop and look at the displays again. In particular, I liked three displays dedicated to different beer companies. This is the Carling display. 

This is the Dow display (never heard of them, but lots of great stuff in the display window). 

And here is the Molson display. 

Beer and hockey! How Canadian can you get!

This antique Molson Christmas card was in a corner of the display case. A fitting end to my post about my office Christmas party.


Ronna said...

Looks like it was a lot of fun and a great venue. Mine's gonna be at the local curling club. Uh...I want YOUR Xmas party!!

Sarah said...

Wow - how neat! Looks like a great time. :)

Knatolee said...

I've driven by that place a few times and wanted to go in. It looks great!