Thursday, 29 December 2011

Snow Brings Out the Kid in Us

It is cold and snowy for the first time this winter, and that seems to be bringing out the kid in people, (including me). As I was walking to work this morning (in minus 28 celsius temperatures with the wind chill), I saw this wonderful snowman in someone's front yard, with the most amazing carrot nose. 

Mr. Snowman looked rather owl-like from the front and seemed to be thinking about something. He definitely had personality. 

At noon I went for a walk with a colleague from work. It was such a beautiful day with all the sunshine making such beautiful blue shadows on the snow. We walked to a little park nearby. It almost looks like we are in a field in the country, but we were actually in the middle of downtown Gatineau with lots of buildings close by. 

In the middle of the park there were some small hills and children engaging in that most classic of winter activities - tobogganing! 

They were having such a good time sliding down the hill .........

....then running back up again. They did this over and over without tiring. 

Ah! It is great to be a kid in the winter time.


Elaine said...

Brrr! It looks magical and wonderful. A lovely snowy walk, which I was was very happy to share - from the cosy warmth of my kitchen. We haven't had any snow in our part of England yet, much to my grandson's disappointment.

Knatolee said...

It was so cold the last two days! That wind was a killer. I love these pics. I've had a real hankering to go tobogganing and to build a snowman. I think I should indulge, although maybe I'll wear a helmet for the first one. :)