Wednesday, 14 March 2012

It's Rubber Boots Time!

We have been having a lot of rain lately and so I have been wearing my Wellies when I walk to work. These are my "city boots" and they get me through all the puddles and melting snow on the sidewalks and streets. 

By contrast, these are my "country boots", which I wear when I am at my home in the country. They are much humbler than my city boots and I wear them when I am digging in the garden or just generally slogging through the mud and muck in my yard in the spring. In other words, they are real working boots, whereas my city boots are just for walking.  

I notice that, in the city, Wellies are a kind of fashion item, like the ones this woman is wearing. 

Or like these bright pink ones or tall black ones these people are wearing while shopping. They seem to be particularly popular among young (i.e. in their 20's and 30's) people. 

It's great to see all the different styles and colours of boots you can buy these days. Love the flowery ones! 

Aren't they fun?


Elaine said...

To think that I remember when Wellies came in any colour you wanted, as long as that was black. Eventually green Wellies started to come in for the smart 'country' set. Now the range is fun and colourful - and why not! Great fun.

Sarah said...

A sure sign of spring!!