Monday, 12 March 2012

Signs of Spring

This time of year, I like to search out the various signs that Spring is imminent. We seem to be having an early one this year, so I am finding many of the signs earlier than usual. For example, in the Spring, the restaurants along Clarence Street in the Byward Market in Ottawa start to put out tables and chairs and construct outdoor patios for diners. This generally happens in early April, but I discovered today that the tables and chairs were already out. It was overcast and not all that warm - only +10 degrees Celsius - but there were many people sitting outside - like this group, who were enjoying a meal and the mild weather.  

Across the street, these women were also relaxing in the outdoor patio of a restaurant. I noticed that they were wearing only very light clothing. Meanwhile, I was marching around in my winter jacket and scarf. It is hard to know what to wear in this weather. I saw some people wearing shorts and t-shirts today while others were still wearing heavy coats and hats and boots. 

And, inexplicably, just a few feet down the sidewalk from outdoor dining areas, there was this big pile of snow. All the snow for blocks around had melted and this pile looked so incongruous. I wonder how it got there!

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