Monday, 5 March 2012

On the Waterfront

When I was in Toronto last week to attend a convention, I stayed at a hotel right on the waterfront of Lake Ontario. This was the view out my window. I could see the lake and some boats, and I could also see a lot of construction -  many new condominiums are being built in this area. People want to live on the waterfront. I would too, if I could afford it (in other words, if I was a billionaire).

The weather wasn't great but I went out for walks when I could - usually during lunch breaks (it was a busy convention). I took several pictures of this boat, which is actually a restaurant - Captain John's Restaurant.

I was told by someone who had eaten there that Captain John's was a really awful restaurant with terrible food and bad service. I must admit, this sign for the restaurant didn't inspire confidence in the quality of the place. It was so tacky, I had to take a picture of it.

From the front, the prow of a boat looks quite dramatic. 

On another part of the waterfront, I saw this rather charming "showboat". There were a lot of boats for tourists here. I imagine that, in the summer, they would be quite busy, but it was rather nice to see them on this cold day, when there was no-one around and everything was calm.  

This fish was one of a whole school embedded in the sidewalk in front of Queen's Quay Terminal, a rather posh little shopping centre on the waterfront. These fish are made of metal and are little artworks in themselves. They are life-size and almost look like they were fossilized there. Very appropriate for the waterfront!


Elaine said...

It was worth braving the cold. That fish 'fossil' is wonderful.

Sarah said...

Great photos - I love the close up of the ship's front!