Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Colourful Parliament

Every summer, there is a light show on the Parliament Building in Ottawa in the evenings. The show is called Mosaika and all sorts of colourful images, lights and sounds are projected on the building, which becomes a kind of screen. I went to see it recently and tried to take a few photos. It is a very popular show and there must have been about a thousand people the night I went. Some of the colours were fabulous - as they were in this part of the show.

It is amazing to see how this usually dull grey stone building is so transformed by the lights. The show has a theme - what Canada means to people - and videos of many different Canadians talking about how they feel about their country were mixed in with animated coloured segments showing highlights of Canadian history and geography.

I really liked some of the cartoons showing animals and wilderness and railroads taking settlers across the land, but they were too difficult to photograph. Whenever the show involved really bright colours like these, it was quite dazzling. I recommend it to anyone who is in, or going to, Ottawa. Lovely to see!
(Note: the show is free every evening 9:30 pm - 10 pm until September, weather permitting)


Knatolee said...

So pretty!!

Sarah said...

This was a wonderful show when we went to see it last year, and I hope I get a chance in the future to see it again.

City Mouse said...

I was in Ottawa in 2008, and loved the Parliament House. Took a lot of photos of it, with some at sunset. Unfortunately I have lost all the photos when my laptop was lost. Hope to go there again some day. :)