Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Tourist Watching

There are always a lot of tourists visiting Ottawa during the summer months, and I see many of them when I walk back and forth to work every day. It is always interesting to watch people while they visit the various public attractions. For example, these two women were visiting the Museum of Civilization in Hull and were taking pictures of the park in front of the building. I was impressed that they were dressed nearly identically - with white skirts and black tops.   

These three women were consulting a guide to the banners that are on display in Ottawa and Hull. Such a universal gesture - pointing to something they were talking about.

I don't know if these three people were together or they just happened to be at the same place at the same time. The man on the right was looking at a guide to local sights while the man on the left was taking photos of the sky over the Ottawa River. The woman in the red shirt looked like she was just very tired and wanted to rest on the bench. Not long after that, the sky clouded over and threatened rain so I left - hurrying to get home before the storm hit.


Sarah said...

Maybe "black top, white bottoms" is a popular outfit these days - even the women in the second photo has this scheme! Great people-watching pics.

Knatolee said...

THose outfits are hilarious!

We never got the rain they said we might today, Sigh...