Wednesday, 29 August 2012

New Sculpture (the story continues)

Yesterday, I posted pictures showing the installation of a new sculpture that I have been watching take place over a couple of days. Today, the sculpture is completely installed. There are several parts of the sculpture - one above on street level, and this part, which is on a terrace that can be reached going down some steps. I was admiring this piece on the terrace, which is really elegant.

This is the other side of this part of the sculpture (along with my shadow as I was taking the picture).

As I was admiring the sculpture, I saw my friend René, who was also checking out this new work. He had his camera (which is much fancier than mine).

While René and I were talking, this couple were admiring the sculpture and the woman sat on it while the man took pictures.

They were obviously having fun!

So then I got René to sit on the sculpture while I took some pictures, and he asked me to sit on it so he could take my picture. It is really quite comfortable.

While we were doing this, two young women arrived and asked if we would like to have a picture together. So René and I sat on the sculpture while they took a couple of pics with my camera.

Then we returned the favour and took pictures of them. René used their camera while I used mine. Honestly, it was like some sort of a photo shoot after a while, with everyone taking everyone else's pictures.

That was fun. But there were other parts of the installation to admire. On the wall behind the sculpture, where the staircase goes up to the street, the artist had created this beautiful effect with wood.

It really is gorgeous! Altogether, a really fabulous new sculpture installation for Ottawa. I recommend seeing it if you are in the area.


Jennifer Pearson Vanier said...

Interactive art for everyone. You cannot get better than that and the pieces look wonderful!

Sarah said...

These photos are so much fun! I love how the sculpture brought all of these people together!

Cuby said...

These photos show so much fun! This piece is fabulous I am so glad you have enabled us to see it. Thanks.

Knatolee said...

Great shots, and I love the whole installation!